Letters to the Editor

Waltman letter: Trivia mania

In response to “Trivia Mania” (Idaho Statesman Scene Magazine, July 21), while one may “enjoy the microphone and the attention,” as one of the quizmasters expressed, that does not excuse the use of crass language in the presence of children, nor does it elevate one to the status of using disgusting and pejorative language. For example, during one evening of trivia at which time numerous young children were present, the quizmaster very clearly used the “F” word during his attention-getting routine. Trivial as though it may seem to some, is that really appropriate in a family-friendly setting? On two other occasions, the same quizmaster referred to some in the audience as being “douche-tards.” Seriously? Isn’t such a public reference to feminine privacy a little too “Trumpish”? Further, “tards” was obviously a reference to “retard,” a very belittling term long since dropped from the vocabulary of the more sensitive. In summary, while trivia is indeed a hoot, trivializing others is not. And finally, as was mentioned in Scene, the quizmaster of focus “was trained as a comedian in Los Angeles …” Perhaps he should return to his training ground for some graduate work.

Terry Waltman Sr., Boise