Letters to the Editor

Nyakulinda letter: Refugees

I am a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo known as DRC. For 10 years, as a refugee, my life had no meaning, no plans, only eating, drinking and sleeping. I have now been in Boise for nearly five years, and I am working hard to get my life back. This community that we all love and where I found peace and started my new life has supported me in so many ways. But I fear that things are falling apart — especially for us refugees.

Recent acts of hate toward my fellow refugees are scaring me. I feel obligated to raise my voice as a member of this community and speak out on behalf of my “brothers and sisters” who are threatened with acts of racism and harassment. I love and believe in the people of Idaho, but who knows if the next target will be me? We must stand together.

Please reach out with kindness and respect to America’s newcomers. Know that we refugees are trying to restore our lives after many lost years in refugee camps. We are here to work hard and contribute to our families and communities in every way possible.

Freddy Nyakulinda, Boise