Letters to the Editor

Nikkola letter: Trump

Something must be done to silence Trump before he alienates all our allies and trading partners. He has threatened China, Mexico and Japan (to name a few) with import tariffs. Mexico has retaliated by signing agreements with South American countries to buy corn — which is obviously going to hurt American farmers. Now he’s threatening Japan with import tariffs on steel products so Japan is threatening to retaliate with tariffs on other products imported from the U.S. That’s what import tariffs do — they invite retaliation. Trump knows nothing about the U.S. history regarding import tariffs. He knows nothing about the Smoot-Hawley Act from the 1930s which was meant to protect American farmers from cheaper imported agricultural products. But our trading partners retaliated with tariffs on U.S. products imported into their countries — which caused a 66 percent decline in U.S. trade. No economy could withstand such a drastic drop in trade. The stock market crash and The Great Depression soon followed. Someone must silence Trump before he alienates all U.S. allies and trading partners and causes another economic depression.

Janna Nikkola, Boise