Letters to the Editor

Fritsch letter: Idaho politics

Let’s see if I have this correct. The state Supreme Court rules a $60 million “good ole boy” contract is void and the state is required to try and recover millions already paid on the contract. The “official legal officer” (aka good ole boy) says the court is wrong, refuses to take any action, and per the governor’s request, sends all inquiries to the governor’s office. Previously the attorney general said the court’s ruling was clear and he would take action if needed. Now his office says the issue is “complex” and there are lots to “consider” before he can take any action. In the meantime legislative “leaders” are trying to minimize the amount still due the contractor for completed work not yet paid for. If successful, this negotiated amount would be paying on a void contract and possibly remove any effort to seek repayment in the future. Only in Idaho.

Bob Fritsch, Boise