Letters to the Editor

Devereux letter: Charter schools

I enjoy living in the state of Idaho for many great reasons: the low crime rate, the amazing outdoors, positive family atmosphere, and the affordable housing to name a few. While I am grateful to call the Treasure Valley home, I am a bit concerned about the West Ada School District.

I have learned that West Ada has an overcrowding issue. As parents, we want our kids to succeed in school, yet, with such overcrowding, are we setting them up for failure? Can students get the needed hands-on learning and attention they deserve with such a high student-teacher ratio? My children attend a great charter school and we love it. I feel this school meets my children’s educational needs. Hundreds of parents apply every year, and unfortunately, the schools can’t accommodate everyone. While charters receive the same state operating funds as other public schools, they finance their own construction. That makes them a rather large provision for quickly growing districts in Idaho that are lacking needed funding. It’s time we advocate for more charter schools to help ease the burden on Idaho students, teachers and administrators and provide Idaho students with the tools they need for their future.

Yralia Devereux, Meridian