Letters to the Editor

Moore letter: POWs

An unsolved mystery. What happened to approximately 8,700 servicemen who remain unaccounted for from the Korean War (7,000) and the Vietnam War (1,700)? The official Washington mantra is “we leave no one behind.”

After more than 15 years of investigation, we find that to be quite an overstatement. Evidence is now gradually appearing that several high government agencies and their directors knew, starting in 1955, that POWs captured in Korea were taken to Russia and never returned. The agencies immediately classified the information and continue to withhold it. When questioned by the families, the Department of Defense states “there is no creditable evidence that any POWs were held.” They know full well that is false. This is a disservice to the public and more importantly to the families of the unaccounted for. These families have waited for 63 years to ascertain what happened to their loved one. It is a disgrace that our own government fabricates information and misleads the public to conceal their misdeeds. Our military service heroes served their country faithfully and after the battle is won many have been cast away as if they never existed.

Robert Moore, Eagle