Letters to the Editor

Lundie letter: Eclipse fires

Our normal fire season will soon be compounded by the masses of eclipse visitors and the tinder dry grasses resulting from an exceedingly wet winter and spring.

I live in the vicinity of Grimes Creek and Idaho 21. The land area at the intersection is a magnet for free campers wanting to play in the water. There is minimal enforcement there.

There are a half-dozen agencies involved and each has an idea of how to go about fire restrictions. Consequently as recently as Tuesday, there are still campfires burning at night.

We have exactly just a few weeks before the additional influx of outsiders. It has been heavily argued that the majority of visitors will be unfamiliar with the area, the rules and the fire situation.

I believe that it would and could reduce the possibility of wildfire if the signage on 21 was “in your face,” so to speak. Very specific — No fires ... No cigarettes, etc. The new current rule that came out the other day regarding fires is too nebulous. There is time to make everyone aware of a “No fire” rule. Bring a camp stove, make a plan, but no fires.

Lyn Lundie, Boise