Letters to the Editor

Stoddard letter: Kudos

I’ve knocked this paper a time or two in the past for lack of coverage of the Idaho Patriot Thunder Ride, so I owe you some praise this year. On June 4, I was pleased to see not only an article, but a picture. The hundreds of patriotic and charitable riders deserved that recognition. Next, thanks for the great piece on July 23 about Albertsons CEO Bob Miller. I wrote here a few years back that Bob and his team were extremely capable of returning the chain to the greatness of the former Albertsons Inc. They have delivered on their promises and then some. I worked for Albertsons when Bob and many of his current cohorts were coming up through the company, establishing their expertise. I saw some of the best years of that old company, but it seems like the new one is setting the bar even higher. Thanks for putting them on the front page. I also like the new Statesman reporter mixes and story lines. Some interesting articles are appearing and I’m beginning to be impressed with your reporting and writing skills again. Is the “newspaper” really becoming a “paper with news” again? I think maybe so.

Curtis Stoddard, Eagle