Letters to the Editor

Ricker letter: F-35 mission

I want to say that I am surprised by people who don’t support the Idaho National Guard and the potential for a new flying mission with the F-35. But these days nothing surprises me. Gowen Field was established as an Army Air Corps Base in 1941 with B-17 flying. It makes perfect sense to base the F-35 in Boise since they are selecting National Guard Bases for this mission. Gowen Field was located at its current location well before all the houses and homeowners that are now opposed.

We have a proud history of supporting our National Guard members at Gowen and our active duty members in Mountain Home. Yes, they are different and have different missions.

Regarding the noise, it will not be constant noise. There will be a short window in the morning and short window in the evening that they will mainly fly within. It will not be constant 24-hour noise like some would like you to believe.

I encourage everyone that supports the F-35 to write to the editor, tell your friends, and get involved. Remember the Guard’s members are also an important part of our communities. Let’s support them. Boise is the right place.

Bryan Ricker, Nampa