Letters to the Editor

Knight letter: Donald Trump

Trump asks what states were trying to hide because they wouldn’t turn over all of our personal information. It would be put on a computer and Putin would have it hacked. What else is he going to do for Russia.

Asking what we are trying to hide takes a lot of gall. Trump doesn’t even follow the rules all presidents have followed by having people in the room that can attest to the outcome of conversations that affect our country and our lives. We the people that he is suppose to be working for.

I can’t for the life of me understand why Trump hasn’t been impeached. Not mentioning all the other things, this last stunt of bad mouthing our country while he was in foreign countries is very unacceptable.

Take the chair out of his office and tell him to take a leap. We have to start working together to save our country. He has become very dangerous and embarrassing.

Judy Knight, Boise