Letters to the Editor

Detmer letter: Term limits

D.C. keeps us fighting so they don’t lose their jobs. The incumbents must go on both sides. Both sides are busy stealing one another’s toys and throwing tantrums while we the people suffer. They don’t play well with others. The media is no help. We are in a civil cold war and we the people must fix it. 2018. We the people, not Democrat, not Republican, not Independent, not whatever else, but We The People. Not one state representative should be in power 20, 30, 40 years. Two-term limit. D.C., and states as well, needs new blood. New faces, new ideas, new enthusiasm, new hunger to make a difference, desire to prove oneself. And term limits. The familiar faces have done little for their districts or states or country. “They” line their pockets at our expense. All of us, the people. Real change is necessary. We must come together on this one thing if nothing else. It’s up to we the people. 2018. Vote. For the people.

Christine Detmer, Boise