Letters to the Editor

Mueller letter: Boise visit

My wife and I just spent a most enjoyable week in Boise. We stood and cheered the musical version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, learned a lot at the Birds of Prey, were moved by the Anne Frank memorial. We hiked the hills and Greenbelt, smelled the flowers at the Botanical Gardens, toured the Capitol, learned about the Basque immigrants, watched artists create glass, and savored many different kinds of cuisine. While the temps were hot and the river too fast for floating we always respect Mother Nature’s whims. We enjoyed a surprising game of cricket at Ann Morrison Park but were put off by the unsanitary conditions caused by of the overwhelming number of geese in the park. Major culling or a city-wide goose feed are in order.

Otherwise the city was a gem to discover.

Nancy and Richard Mueller, Madison, Wisc.