Letters to the Editor

Isbelle letter: Ending money in politics

When the founders of this country wrote the United States Constitution they understood two crucial issues: in order to ensure a government by the people the Constitution would have to be frequently amended; and the states should have the power to make amendments (free of D.C. influence) as a safeguard from federal corruption. Article V of the Constitution grants that power to the states to take back our government.

I’m a volunteer for WOLF-PAC, a political action committee, whose only goal is to end the corrupting power of money pouring into our federal elections by passing a 28th amendment to the Constitution. To do this, 34 states are needed to pass legislation that calls for a state constitutional convention on the specific issue. So far California, Vermont, New Jersey, Rhode Island and, Illinois are on board. My goal is to get my home state to stand up for real democracy and join them.

If you are interested in taking our government back from special interests and the super wealthy, please, join the fight at wolf-pac.com/Idaho to gain access to tools to contact your state representatives so that you can make an impact.

Ryan Isbelle, Lewiston