Letters to the Editor

Brown letter: Republicans

The Republicans are trying to out-Democrat the Democrats.

Show me exactly in the list of specifically enumerated powers (reference Article I, section 8 of the Constitution) did We The People ever grant the authority to the federal government to provide health care to all its 320 million citizens?

The Republicans proclaim that they stand for limited government yet their unconstitutional health care plan will add trillions more to the wicked national debt that our grandkids will be saddled to pay off ... this is reprehensible indeed.

At least the disillusioned Democrats are not hypocritical about their dereliction of their sworn oath to preserve, protect and defend our beloved Constitution. The U.S. government reminds me of a Volkswagen beetle carrying a load that would crush a 20-ton dump truck and about 90 percent of what the feds do is as constitutional as the Communist Manifesto.

To end on a positive note: I believe this country survives as a nation let alone a superpower because our wise Founding Fathers dedicated it to God and for their sake He has blessed our nation with a continuous supernatural miracle since 1776.

Harley D. Brown, Nampa