Letters to the Editor

Allred letter: Trump and the media

In July, 1966, there was an endlessly reported event in China. Mao Zedong, China’s ruler, swam 15 kilometers in the Yangtze at age 72. Incredibly, Mao swam a mile in 8 minutes. The world record is approximately 17 minutes.

It is self-evident that personality cults require a state controlled press. Donald Trump seeks such cult adulation but must confront a wannabe dictator’s worst enemy, a free press. Dang those American journalists and their penchant for equating facts and truth.

The evolution of modern personality cults among political leaders usually involves athletic prowess. Trump’s buddy Putin scored 7 goals against some of the NHL’s best on his 63rd birthday. Kim Jong Il, “smart cookie’s” father, scored 5 holes in one and posted a final 38, 34 under par on his first golf outing.

Our leader does golf. However, rather than claiming holes in one, he advertises his courses through presidential hoopla in order to charge higher membership fees, which go directly into his pocket.

I give Trump credit for keeping his priorities straight: business first, cult dynamics second.

In the meantime the “swamp” looks increasingly like Trump’s personal Rubicon in which our feckless leader seems determined to politically drown himself.

Robert Allred, Eagle