Letters to the Editor

Yount letter: Congressional representatives

In Galen Kidd’s Letter to the Editor alleging Congressional representatives being overpaid, underworked, and practicing gross absenteeism, I can understand his anger and frustration. I remember growing up in Grand Rapids, Mich., and the rep for my district was Gerald Ford. One call, one letter, to Rep. Ford’s office and, if the problem could be fixed through the governmental process, it would be, and fast. Rep. Ford and his staff were legendary with helping everyone. And he “brought home the bacon” to Michigan with federal money and benefits.

Having lived in Idaho the last 32 years, I have heard many stories of another legendary rep, Sen. Frank Church, who also got the job done for his constituents, especially military vets, and bringing home federal money, benefits and assistance.

Where are the legends of the Senate and House today? Congress has been taken over by bickering partisan politics and the American people are being shortchanged and even ignored. Our four reps are virtually invisible. Where are the periodic town hall meetings? Or periodic mailings summarizing their efforts/achievements? Or informational press releases concerning important legislation? Or is Galen Kidd correct?

Tom Yount, Boise