Letters to the Editor

Travis letter: Ada County transportation

When it comes to transportation in Ada County, the ACHD and the city of Boise takes baby steps. For example, when they improved Curtis north of Fairview they updated the two-lane street. Even before they finished, “Whoops we should have done four lanes.” Today if you wish to get on the connector, the traffic backs up to Koelsch grade school. Eagle Road should have been a freeway with a couple of exits. As it is it is dangerous to make left turns when facing 55 mph traffic. Maybe a trolley line from Eagle and another from the airport through BSU going into Boise could have been in the works years ago instead of the merry-go-around the mayor had planned for the center of Boise. The widening of Cole/Fairview and Milwaukee/Fairview moves the bottlenecks down the street.

I don’t think anyone thought we would have this large surge of population we have been experiencing in Ada County. The consequences will be increased pollution. Something that may benefit the individual driver is to buy a hybrid vehicle with engines that stop when there are long waits in heavy traffic.

Allen Travis, Boise