Letters to the Editor

Stohner letter: Late work policy

“BSD Late Work Policy: Students are permitted to turn in late work two weeks prior to the end of the quarter (unless extensions are made by the principal/designee) as the purpose of homework is to reflect student learning. This policy is meant to stress the importance of turning in work in a timely manner while simultaneously providing students the opportunity to learn at different rates.”

I read the above policy, posted in a classroom, while subbing at Borah High School on Feb. 15. The deadline to turn in work was March 10, as the quarter ended on March 24. I certainly understand that students on IEP/504 Plans may require additional time to complete assignments. However, as a former HR Director and a former BSD teacher I fail to understand how this policy responsibly prepares students for “turning in work in a timely manner.” In the work world, meeting imposed work assignment deadlines is a necessity — not a moving target. The role of education is to prepare our children for the world of work, is it not? In my humble opinion, this policy cheats students while artificially inflating grades, and on-time graduation rates. What do you think?

Bob Stohner, Boise