Letters to the Editor

Seehusen letter: City of Trees sets a standard

Kudos to the City Forester and the Community Forestry Unit.

Planting and maintaining trees is something that we can each do to mitigate the effects of climate change, locally, nationally and internationally. Twenty percent of global warming is caused by deforestation. Growing trees are one of the main sources of sequestering carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Tropical trees are better at it by far than temperate climate trees, with teak being one of the best, but more trees anywhere have a cumulative effect. Photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.

As mentioned in your excellent tree article, Phoenix is trying to increase their tree population but they are limited by lack of water. The focus is on zeroscape, or reducing the use of water in their landscape both public and private. Phoenix has also been described as a “heat sink,” as 100 degree plus days occur almost every day from May until October.

By increasing our tree canopy in Boise from 16 percent to 25 percent we can help make Boise cooler in the summer along with more beautiful and environmentally relevant.

Don Seehusen, former director of the Global Reforestation Initiative, Boise