Letters to the Editor

Poublon-Ramirez letter: Undocumented immigrants

Many agricultural jobs are being done by undocumented immigrants because they are the only workers willing to do the work and do it well. Our guest worker program does not work well. It should be a priority to revamp this program so that these valuable workers can be treated fairly. They should be the last people rounded up by immigration officials, who we thought were going to focus on criminals. I can understand why so many people in Jerome are upset at the prospect of the INS renting part of their jail space for illegal immigrants.

However, I am bothered by illegal immigrants demanding things. They should be asking. And they were wrong to boo the woman who spoke out about her negative experiences with the dairy workers that are housed across the street from her. When you are a guest in a country, you have to look around and see how the natives live and try to fit in.

Lori Poublon-Ramirez, Meridian