Letters to the Editor

Carnie letter: Fireworks destruction

The Sunday Statesman, July 16, quote from the Pocatello man whose fireworks burned down his neighbor’s house: “now I see why they’re illegal,” displays some kind of low point. A low point until one considers the disdain for Idahoans reflected in our Legislature where, with the aftermath of Table Rock immediately before them and all the expertise voiced, concerned citizens and our firefighting professionals could not even achieve a safe(er) fireworks bill to help safeguard the heritage of our natural environment, much less private property. Involved is not the usual political expediency but, rather, blatant dereliction of the obligation to protect the citizenry our “representatives” were elected to fulfill.

A legislative “NIMBY”?....(Not in my district)? Are our legislators not able to understand that next time it might be their neighbor whose rocket goes awry? Do they imagine more fireworks merchants and bottle rocket rambos voting in their districts than thinking citizens? Perhaps that’s how they got elected. It is time they address this issue instead of bowing to those few in it to make a buck or to achieve some cheap(?) momentary thrill. Hopefully, by the next session it won’t be too late (again).

Kent Carnie, Boise