Letters to the Editor

Dewey letter: Democrats and Russia

This demonization of Russia by Democrats over the election is so transparent that it would get no traction at all if not for the media, Hollywood and billionaire leftists taking sides in war position against our president. A big lie repeated enough will cause many of the unthinking masses to swallow it no matter how little evidence or defiance of common sense there is.

In order to take down Trump the Democrats are willing to risk nuclear war with Russia at a time when they should be seeking cooperation. They praise FDR for his cooperation with the mass murderer Stalin during World War II and have no problem with him being extra cozy with Stalin, even calling him “Uncle Joe.”

Then during the cold war, where we had a real threat, Democrats criticized Reagan and other Republicans and for being too confrontational with Russia.

Now we have a Russian leader who has an 85 percent or higher approval rating with his own people. A Stalinist type tyrant could never achieve this. Trump is right in seeking deals with a leader who has such support from his people and is willing to cooperate on mutual interests.

Joseph J. Dewey, Boise