Letters to the Editor

Bowman letter: City of Boise

The City of Boise is trying to monopolize everything, it’s not the only city in the valley.

F-35s: Mountain Home Air Force Base already exists strategically. Let Mountain Home have the economic benefit and all the noise. We don’t want the noise and don’t want to be a target. Those GIs who want to live in Boise will still live in Boise and shop here.

Hawks stadium in downtown Boise? Get real. Spend money on a new/improved one at it’s current location, let Garden City have some economic development. The land and transportation system is already in place and BSU and fans will have easier access to the field than if it was in the heart of downtown.

We don’t need a streetcar in downtown either. We live in Meridian and hate to go downtown for anything. The traffic and parking are terrible now. Invest in a better bus system to get folks from Meridian and Nampa to downtown jobs (employers sponsoring bus passes). Provide shuttle buses to events to get people to and from events quickly with pick up at the mall. It took us 45 minutes just to get out of the parking garage after going to the circus.

Paula Bowman, Meridian