Letters to the Editor

Hodgin letter: Voter records

When the idea of hacking a national election came to light last summer, I remember several intelligence experts saying it would be impossible in the U.S. since all the states establish and operate their own individual election processes. I’m paraphrasing at least one expert who said that our states’ systems are a nightmare for hackers and that if the states’ data were gathered in one database, that would be the best thing that could happen for those who want to hack our elections, a hacker’s dream come true: All that data in one place.

So what does Trump want to do? Establish a national elections database.

The Russians are licking their chops at that possibility. And that must cause one to question Trump’s real motivations.

Why would he want to make all our voter information available to the best hackers in the world — all in one place rather than 50 separate and different places?

As the line (and maybe the whole set of lyrics) from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” puts it:

“Oh, it makes me wonder.”

D’Wayne Hodgin, Moscow