Letters to the Editor

Ward letter: Krugman column

It is now official. Republicans are cruel. It must be true because I read it in the Idaho Statesman. A reporter from the mighty New York Times by the name of Paul Krugman wrote on July 2 an article headlined, “Trying to understand Republican cruelty.”

Hardly a day goes by that we Republicans are not treated to disdain, ridicule and character assassination by the left dominated liberal media. The New York Times, aided and abetted by the Statesman, has finally taken the gloves off, come out of the closet and declare Republicans as cruel.

My beloved Idaho is a solid governed state of hard-working, honest and generous westerners. The majority are Republicans. Krugman’s bellyache was about Republicans’ desire to repeal and change Obamacare. Obama took the shirt off of someone’s back and gave it to others. The ‘cruel’ Republicans want to return that shirt to its rightful owner and make healthcare better for all.

Hillary Clinton labeled us ‘deplorables’ ... now we are called ‘cruel.’ The Deplorable Cruel Party? Let’s just stick to the Grand Old Party of the Republic.

Let’s not be cruel but give Paul Krugman the last work which he wrote, “this is who they (Republicans) are.”

Bill Ward, Meridian