Letters to the Editor

McOmber letter: Peter & Paul

Remember the adage “When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can be assured of the continuing support of Paul.” A few years ago, I believe one of our politicians said something like “Republicans work for a living, Democrats vote for a living.” If you put those two thoughts together, it explains quite well the current status of the situation in Washington regarding healthcare, and actually the many other “social” programs. The Democrats’ uproar over cuts to Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc., is understandable, given their virtual total support by the “Pauls.” What’s missing is the consideration of where the money for these programs comes from. It comes from Peter (taxpayers), and from an ever increasing national debt, which cannot, or certainly should not, go on forever. The standard hue and cry from the liberal/left, and of course the mainstream media with their unmitigated and unapologetic bias, is to raise taxes on the rich, forgetting that just a few years ago the top 20 percent of income taxpayers were already paying 80 percent of the total tax. The social programs that benefit “Paul” have been growing steadily since the days of Lyndon Johnson, paid for by taxing working Americans, and debt. It’s high time that more consideration be given to “Peter.”

Mac McOmber, Eagle