Letters to the Editor

Hayen letter: Alternate energy

I keep reading articles about the use of solar and wind energy. What I don’t hear anything about is what happens when the lights go out; because the sun and wind are not available 24/7.

At the same time I hear about the problems with coal and other carbons for energy production. Coal fired power plants were built because at the time they were our only proven acceptable source of energy for many years to come. In fact we were tearing down gas fired power plants and replacing them with coal. We also want to do away with hydro-electric plants.

Unfortunately, the utilities in the USA has not built anymore coal fired power plants for many years. They usually have a 40-year life. Which means we need to react rapidly for replacements or the lights will go out. Dams are verboten.

Solar and wind are intermittent sources of power. Other sources must be available for a continuous supply of energy.

What to do? That is the question. Environmentalists need to stop pressing for shutdown of the dirty plants and concentrate on a continuous source of energy or re-write how we live. With current technology, we only have batteries as storage back-up. Huge batteries.

Chris Hayen, Meridian