Letters to the Editor

Maley letter: Climate change

The Trump administration is considering a governmentwide initiative to challenge the science of climate change; this misguided effort is designed to undermine the scientific consensus of anthropogenic climate change (ACC). Trump’s war on science is taking a serious turn. Apparently, Scott Pruitt (EPA) and Rick Perry (Energy) intend to cast doubt on ACC by using science denialist strategies. Recently, Trump set the stage by removing climate change information from agency websites, defunding science programs and pulling out of the 2015 Paris accord.

The scientific consensus for ACC is shared by the vast majority of the world’s climate scientists. Many independent lines of evidence show support for the consensus, including numerous polls of scientists and surveys of the scientific literature conducted to evaluate scientific opinion on ACC. The results have been consistently very high with 95 to 99 percent of scientists supporting the consensus; and significantly, the percentage is increasing steadily in light of new research. However, by far the most compelling evidence of a scientific consensus for ACC is the fact that more than 200 of the most well-respected scientific organizations of national and international standing have published formal statements warning about the urgency of mitigating human-caused climate change.

Terry Maley, Boise