Letters to the Editor

Dater letter: F-35

I am supporting the F-35 transition to Gowen Field not for economic reasons nor job creation but for plain old patriotism. Having spent six years as a naval aviator with over 400 carrier landings in the F-4 Phantom, I understand the commitment of the air crews and maintenance personal to be ready if called upon. Our armed forces deserve the full support of all Americans and training is critical for proficiency. Growing up two miles from McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kan., I remember B-47s, B-52s, and fighter aircraft flying overhead every eight minutes during flight operations. A comforting sound. For all you progressive bunny hugging pacifists who have never served your country, put on your big boy pants and support your military. F-35s are the sound of freedom or might you prefer the sound of some radical jihadist attack. Our military needs support to maintain a ready status. Simple steps such as restricted afterburners at takeoff and no sonic booms over populated areas can soften the noise potential. Time for true Americans to step up.

Thomas G. Dater, Boise