Letters to the Editor

Casler letter: F-35 mission

It astounds me that in the face of public presentations and written commentary by acknowledged experts in the fields of economics, public health, audiology, wildlife biology and property valuation, our Boise leaders will not engage in conversation with people concerned about the impacts of the potential F-35 mission.

I wonder what having a “most livable city” means to our mayor and city council. Is it “livable” for everyone except Bench residents? On one hand, city programs invest in Bench neighborhoods, and leaders laud resurging interest in Bench living. On the other hand, they turn a deaf ear to concerns about homes deemed unsuitable for habitation and attendant reduction in property values associated with the extreme noise. They seem willing to ignore well-documented scientific evidence of damage to health, hearing and well-being from the levels of noise the F-35s deliver. How disingenuous it is to accept the practice of averaging sound levels — an approach completely discounting documented damage from exposure to the daily ear-splitting noise over time.

Surely smart people (elected and concerned citizens) committed to sustained health and livability for all our residents can come together to plan for what is best in the long run.

Carol Casler, Boise