Letters to the Editor

Carlson letter: Raul Labrador

I agree wholeheartedly with Raul Labrador’s recent Guest Opinion asking us all to stop fanning the flames of violence. However, I would like to challenge him to lead by example. Specifically I would like him to 1. Revoke his Guest Opinion piece from last year that supported the armed takeover of the Malheur Bird Refuge by citizens who threatened a firefight if anyone attempted to remove them; 2. Renounce the tactics of the Tea Party that offer no room for dialogue or compromise; 3. Turn off his newsfeed from Fox, Breitbart and Infowars; and 4. Pledge to refrain from provocative comments like describing a production of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare as a play about assassinating Donald Trump, as if the play condones assassination. In fact I think he could have used the play to precisely illustrate his point about the danger of unchecked passion, mistaken for patriotism. For the good of the state and nation I implore him to walk the talk.

Ann Carlson, Boise