Letters to the Editor

Lyons letter: Not NRA’s fault

Regarding the letter from Katie Hedberg dated Monday, June 26. Please explain to us how it’s the NRA’s fault that James Hodgkinson shot Senator Scalise and others? How is it the NRA’s fault that Jimmy Lam returned to the place where he was fired and shot four people? Ms. Hedberg, and others of the same mindset, believes this is a “gun control” problem. Seriously? What part in these shootings did the gun play? A gun is an inanimate object. A collection of wood and steel. Without someone loading it and operating it, it does nothing but lie on the table and rust away. The real problem in all these shootings is the defective mind and heart of the perpetrator, is it not? It’s unfortunate they selected a firearm as their implement of destruction but they could have done just as much damage with a pipe bomb, by driving a car into their intended target or using a knife to inflict fatal damage. The law-abiding citizens of this country are getting tired of watching people demonize firearms instead of placing the blame where it rightfully lies ... in the minds and hearts of evil people.

Ronnie Lyons, Meridian