Letters to the Editor

Lyksett letter: Health care

After a long battle with active alcoholism, I recently required inpatient treatment made possible only with insurance. As Congress considers the fate of U.S. health care, it intends to slash coverage for addiction treatment for millions. Addiction is a progressive and fatal disease that no one deserves to have untreated. I have been lucky to see many friends in treatment return to their communities and homes and bring a new stability, joy and hope to their families and those around them. Most of these would not have received treatment without insurance coverage of their care.

During an epidemic, we do not let the sick perish from a treatable illness. We are experiencing an epidemic. The legislation being proposed to repeal the Affordable Care Act will result in the loss of treatment for millions addicted to drugs and alcohol. I am fortunate and grateful to have received the care I needed. What would be unfortunate would be those who seek to get the help they need denied that treatment. We should support expansion of addiction coverage for those who seek it, not a reduction.

Jamal Lyksett, Moscow