Letters to the Editor

Keierleber letter: Climate change

In regard to Elizabeth Harvey’s letter published June 30. “In the scientific field of climate studies — which is informed by many different disciplines — the consensus is demonstrated by the number of scientists who have stopped arguing about what is causing climate change — and that’s nearly all of them,” Courtesy Skeptical Science. There have been seven studies published on the scientific consensus using different methodologies. All found a strong consensus: Oreskes (2004) 100 percent consensus; Doran (2009) 97 percent consensus; Anderegg (2010) 97 percent consensus; Cook (2013) 97 percent; Verheggen (2014) 91 percent; Stenhouse (2014) 93 percent; and Carlton (2015) 97 percent. In addition, every scientific and engineering organization has endorsed the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Researchers have also examined the discrepancy between the scientific consensus and the public perception of the consensus. There are several reasons for the discrepancy not least of which is that the fossil fuel industry has been engaged in a deliberate misinformation campaign. In addition, news organizations, trying to be fair, present the contrary view as though it had equal support in the scientific community. But the scientific consensus is as real as one can get in measuring such things and 97 percent is a pretty good number.

Dennis Keierleber, Ada County