Letters to the Editor

Berry letter: F-35 mission

The potential F-35 mission at Gowen Field is not a pro-military or anti-military debate, but a question of impact.

If selected there would be a profound harmful impact on our quality of life in the Treasure Valley. The F-35A debate is, in fact, a battle for the moral heart of our community; it reflects the values behind our leadership.

Gowen Field is a valid employer in the Treasure Valley; I honor the service its members provide. However, the individuals and families who live in the impacted noise corridor are just as important for their contributions to our community. The U.S. EPA identifies an average of 55-noise decibels as a maximum limit to protect public health and welfare. Residents in the F-35 zone will be chronically exposed to average noise levels more than twice as loud as the EPA recommends, thereby defining these areas as unsuitable for residential use. At 118-124 noise decibels, the F-35 is three times louder than safely recommended causing significant speech interference in homes, offices and schools.

Fly an F-35A over the Treasure Valley including landing and takeoff, and let the people make an informed decision for themselves — instead of forming an opinion based on lobbying.

Susan Berry, Boise