Letters to the Editor

Rodkey letter: Religious tax exemptions

Regarding the latest sneaky move by the GOP to starve the IRS of funds to enforce the 63-year-old law prohibiting outright politicking from the pulpit (Idaho Statesman, July 1): I’m all for any religious organization, its pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, religion-based private schools, etc., voicing their opinions and publicly supporting a candidate. What I’m not for is my tax dollars supporting their political expositions.

I am happy to pay my fair share to support public education, local, state and federal government. I strongly object to my taxes contributing to a forum for any person, organization or cult that promotes any candidate without a similar tax obligation. “Religious” organizations have supped at the public trough tax-free long enough. If they want to preach politics, they can lose their tax exemption.

Claire Rodkey, Meridian