Letters to the Editor

Odenkirk letter: Donald Trump

For one of your readers to suggest that Mr. Trump is derailing 60 years of incremental socialism is about as irresponsible as it can get. Most people don’t even understand what socialism means. As a World War II veteran, nearly 90 years of age, I have observed both Republican and Democratic presidents and their respective congresses pass the following legislation: Protection of our natural treasures, implementation of a graduated income tax, Social Security, irrigation of dry lands, super highways, G.I. Bill, Medicare, Medicaid (now supported by big tax money from the wealthy, as it should), Veterans Administration, Title IX, Equal Voting Rights and other vital programs. To do away with all these pieces of legislation would embolden our juvenile and antagonistic president to continue his polarization of the country. The Founding Fathers no doubt turned over in their graves this Fourth of July.

James E. Odenkirk, Boise/Chandler, Ariz.