Letters to the Editor

McFarland letter: Dano Savino

He’s back. Dano writes again. Breathless with anticipation I read Dano Savino’s latest diatribe (Jealous journalism, June 27); he did not disappoint. Dano gave us a brief background of his work/experience (not certain what that had to do with “Jealous journalism”) but then Dano got to the heart of the matter. We are all so jealous of Dear Leader’s expertise in everything that exists that we just can’t contain ourselves from saying bad things about him. Dano listed some things which are laughable to everyone but Dear Leader’s devoted followers. Don’t know if Dano has really paid enough attention to what is actually happening in our government the last six months (seems like 60 years). I don’t want to challenge each and every statement Dano made regarding Trump since obviously they are figments of Dano’s tortured mind, but one in particular defies absolutely any rationality. Dano cites Dear Leader’s charity/taxes. What charity — Trump is one of the cheapest individuals in charitable giving. He does not give to charities, don’t try to deny it. Taxes — when we can see his tax returns, we will know if he has ever paid what he should — but only then. Not even a good try, Dano.

Janette McFarland, Fruitland