Letters to the Editor

Kidd letter: Cut representatives pay

What does one get for working 147 days and gets paid $174,000 per year plus benefits of $43,500 for a total of $217,500 per year? An overpaid U.S. Congress representative. As they only work 40 percent of the time, they should be paid only 40 percent of their base pay and benefits, approximately $87,000 per year.

According to the official calendar put out by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Congress is scheduled to work only 147 days this year out of 365 and take 218 days off. In 2016 for example, there were only 131 legislative working days for the House. So if you are wondering why Congress never seems to get anything done, one just needs to look at how many days they actually work, and that time is even debatable. The New York Times in 2013 found that the House was only in session for 942 hours for the entire year.

I recommend slashing the U.S. Congress representatives’ salary and benefits to $87,000 per year as that corresponds to their proven work ethics and integrity.

Galen Kidd, Boise