Letters to the Editor

Crow letter: Thank you

Not long ago, I stopped at a restaurant with my family for dinner. We have four boys, so we ordered quite a bit of food, and there was lots of noise. Imagine our surprise when we asked for the check, only to be told that a gentlemen a couple tables over had paid for our meal. He had already left, so we had no way to thank him, and he had simply told the waitress to thank us for our service (my oldest son and I both served in the Army, and were both wearing clothes that gave evidence of our service). That man will never know how he blessed us that day — beyond the mere monetary value of the meal. So, to all those who have ever paid for the meal of a service member, or have in some other way made a difference through an act of kindness, on behalf of those who have served, I say thank you. What you have done is appreciated, and does not go unnoticed. If there is anything that can make our country great, it is treating each other with kindness.

John Crow, Boise