Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Labrador helped

From the time I was 10 years old until moving to Idaho at 22, I was a competitive fighter. I had over 100 sanctioned bouts and thousands of rounds in the gym. I never quit. I’ve applied that discipline to my small business.

But after the Great Recession I realized I’d failed to file our 2012 W-2s on time and faced a $46,000 penalty from the IRS. After six emotionally exhaustive months of attempting to get through the IRS bureaucracy, I’d fallen flat. Then a friend suggested contacting my congressman. I did so in May.

To my pleasant surprise, they quickly set a meeting with me and helped me prepare my case. An IRS taxpayer advocate got involved. In a few weeks, I received abatement on the penalty and the IRS lifted a lien. I even got back a $26 collection fee.

Nobody helped me up when I was in the ring. Now I am happily astonished and grateful for the support I received when I needed it most, both from Raul Labrador and the great business community in Idaho. Idahoans are great people and I’m living proof they give second chances.

Keith Jones, Eagle