Letters to the Editor

Jensen letter: Republican ideals

I wish to convey to my fellow Republicans in Ada County that something’s wrong. The infighting and intimidation tactics are at ridiculous levels. We exist to enact Republican ideals, not to engage in petty fights.

Those who are engaged in the work of the party should not be in fear of physical assault or stalking from fellow members. We can play our silly little games of factionalism, but the moment where myself and others get threatened for mere commentary of the issues at hand, that clearly crosses a line. I should not have to explain that to adults many years my senior.

I’m here to tell the honorable and dishonorable that I am not intimidated. I am not going to put up with threats of assault on myself and my family at committee meetings. I am not going to put up with members from other districts showing up on my street at nearly 10 p.m. after a meeting, and I am certainly not going to back down from these corrupt RINO and Democratic ideas that are infecting this party.

It’s in everyone’s best interests to return to civility Republican ideals. I invite my fellow Ada County Republicans join me in that.

Matthew Jensen, precinct committeeman 1708, Boise