Letters to the Editor

Coons letter: Raul Labrador

Raul Labrador’s hypocritical call for us to stop fanning the flames of violence brings to mind the actions of a professional ballplayer who, when called for an obviously flagrant foul, overreacts by staggering around in wide-eyed unbelief with raised arms, appealing his innocence to the crowd.

Raul has forgotten his Boy Scout promise “… to protect other people at all times” if he thinks it’s OK to throw 23 million Americans off health insurance and raise the cost of coverage for older workers by 50 percent to 75 percent. Why is he surprised by the pushback? He should know now that his actions lead to dire consequences: Millions of people will suffer and die. At the same time, $500 billion in tax breaks go to the wealthiest 2 percent, insurance companies and drug companies.

Once again, rich guys win; the rest of us lose. As long as the system is clearly rigged against ordinary citizens, any “coming together” is unlikely.

Raul’s entire political career demonstrates that he’s been more concerned with party objectives and political wins than what’s best for Idahoans. Failing to support the working class makes any claim to virtue, leadership and moral standing ring hollow.

John Coons, Eagle