Letters to the Editor

Basinger letter: Climate change

In case you missed it in news about tweets, a respected group of 60 climate scientists, economists, business and policy leaders authored an article in Nature. They warn that we have only three years for greenhouse gas emissions to be in steady decline in order to stay below two degrees warming. The authors state “we must act now, with great urgency, to fulfill our commitment,” and “What this moment in history demands of us is not a burden, it is a tremendous opportunity.”

Over 1,400 U.S. cities, states and businesses are honoring the Paris climate goals. The House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment stating that climate change is a “direct threat to the national security and the United States.”

Many understand the problem and are motivated to act. Missing is a national economic policy that recognizes the true costs to society of burning fossil fuels, and speeds an orderly transition to clean energy and efficiency. A gradually increasing carbon fee on fossil fuels, with all the money returned to Americans, would put us on a path to a cleaner, more secure, equitable and healthier future. Why not support more jobs, less pollution and a shared vision for the future?

Nancy Basinger, Boise