Letters to the Editor

Tonkin letter: Politicians

Our nation desperately needs a revival. A start would be to enact term limits for members of Congress and to re-evaluate all their special privileges. The Congress has become a new class of royalty. Unlike the British, our royalty writes the laws. Two new “professions” have evolved, career politicians and lobbyists. Their symbiosis as evidenced by the likes of Grover Norquist and the obscene amounts of money spent on election campaigns is destroying our democratic republic. We need to attract candidates who are motivated to serve for the sake of serving, who evidence deep thinking about what is best for the nation, rather than for the narrow objectives and strategies of partisan politics. These were the attributes we most admire about our Founding Fathers. Candidates for Congress should be freed of the overwhelming influence of special interests. They should be relieved of the burden of raising money for their campaigns by providing public funding and limitations should be established on spending and the span of time for campaigning. The Founding Fathers had no intention that members of our Congress would have full-time, lifetime employment.

G.W. (Bill) Tonkin, Boise