Letters to the Editor

Randolph letter: Raul Labrador

In response to Rep. Raul Labrador’s guest opinion of June 27, while true that there is “no place for violence in our political system,” I would add that there is more than one kind of violence. The proposed cuts to health care access and Medicaid funding are simply acts of violence toward women, children and vulnerable Americans. It will greatly diminish their chances for healthy lives and shortening the lives of many. There is a violence and a cynical mocking of our common humanity in the House and Senate bills — cutting taxes for the wealthy at the expense of middle- and low-income Americans.

Rep. Labrador doesn’t view health care as a “right.” Whether a “right” or not, it is our duty as compassionate human beings and citizens of the wealthiest country of the world to take care of those of us in need. We are in this life together; no one leaves alive.

Rep. Labrador suggests in his piece that I shouldn’t assume “people on the other side of us politically are evil,” but I can see no “noble” intentions in his support of policies that disrespect my fellow citizens and mock the values of a democratic society.

Steve Randolph, Boise