Letters to the Editor

Mondada letter: Rodeos

What’s wrong with rodeos, you ask? Why is every major animal protection agency strongly opposed to them? Because rodeos are inherently cruel to animals. From PETA: “In order to make them perform, normally docile cattle and horses are beaten, kicked and shocked when they are in their chutes and holding pens. “Bucking broncos” are provoked with electric prods, sharp sticks, caustic ointments and the groin-pinching “bucking” strap so that the animals are frantic by the time they are released into the arena.” From Mercy For Animals: “Calf roping involves lassoing baby calves around their necks while they’re running at full speed, then slamming them to the ground at a dead stop. For the calves, this event can result in paralysis from spinal cord injuries, severed tracheas, broken legs, backs and necks. A “sport” is made out of immobilizing these animals while they are literally running for their lives.”

I realize we live in a state where the cowboy culture is nothing short of sacrosanct, but do we really want to qualify the terrifying, bullying, maiming and sometimes killing of helpless animals as “good family fun?” If you don’t, please boycott all rodeos.

Peggy Mondada, Boise