Letters to the Editor

Ferrell letter: Health care costs

Amazing how our public service con artists spend so much time debating and fighting with each other over how to get a health care package for our society. They are constantly bickering over how to format a plan and how to fund such costly programs. Seems to me they are only looking at a small part of the problem and are purposely ignoring the elephant in the room. The biggest issue is outrageous health care costs that are fueled by unreasonably high charges by the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospital conglomerates and other entities in their insatiable pursuit of enormous profits. Largely these entities get away with this because they are not held accountable to control their costs. Our government, insurance companies and the public just keep on paying whatever bills are submitted because there seems to be no recourse. The control of these costs requires government intervention that hasn’t and probably won’t materialize, and it’s not unrelated that these same entities fund some of the largest lobbyist groups in Washington, D.C. Seems that the legal bribery placed at our leaders’ feet is too enticing to allow them to represent the best interest of their constituents.

John Ferrell, Boise