Letters to the Editor

Cook letter: Health care

This should be standard operating procedure — 30 days to review a finalized proposed bill instead of, “Here it is right here, vote now.” Voting “yes” in ignorance is following Z leader, not democracy. Again, taxpayers should have 30 days to review a finalized bill before their representative votes on it, allowing for informed consent to the bill offered. Your “representatives” voting not knowing the financial consequences of their vote is utterly irresponsible. The ramifications of their ignorance are probably going to affect your life negatively, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Your “representative” who voted “yes” needs to be recalled immediately for not looking after the best interests of the majority of all citizens as a result of this total financial irresponsibility and disregard of their primary duty. Now the Senate tried to ram and shove its version of Obamacare destruction down our throats without proper vetting. This is totally wrong and those who perpetuate this abomination should be immediately recalled and impeached. A difference of opinion between parties is one thing, but our “representative” voting for a bill ignorant of the facts is inexcusable. Recall them now before they do more harm.

Mark Cook, Boise