Letters to the Editor

Hennessey letter: Streetcar or bus

Once again Boise is considering how to better connect the central parts of our city. The idea is to provide connection via Main and Idaho between 15th and Broadway as well as connecting the downtown core with BSU via 9th and Capitol. The question is — how to do it? Streetcar at a cost of $111 million or a bus system for $23 million?

Apparently people favoring the streetcar like its “cool factor” and “permanency.” “Cool” seems like a pretty poor reason to spend an additional $88 million when we have so many other needs. And isn’t the flexibility of a bus system a plus? I can remember when downtown streets were destroyed so that the rails of the previous streetcar could be torn up.

A May 21 column by Robert Ehlert of the Statesman raised excellent questions: Where would the $111 million come from? Why does the City Council seem opposed to the bus option? Why not scientifically determine public opinion on the options? What about expanding the reach of the Valley Regional Transit system as a priority? Excellent questions.

I’m voting for the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the bus system.

Alice Hennessey, Boise